Hello World!

Printing is actually way more fascinating than I ever imagined! I had no clue years ago when I started out what it took to get a beautiful brochure printed. There is something about the feel of fine paper in your hands – I know, I know…we’re in the digital age. Sigh…We’re digital alright, but still nothing can replace the feel of beautiful, fine papers and colorful printing to show off your business or cause (or in the case of job hunters, yourself!)

What makes printing fascinating? It’s creative and custom. You know someone created the document or business card from somewhere in their brain and then took the vision and made something you can touch and feel.

What happens when you receive a thank you note or a card in the mail? You take the time to read and savor it, don’t you? I do. That’s why I believe printing is so special – its personal and real.

Melissa =)


About goodprinter

Co-Owner of Burklee Printing in Winston-Salem, NC. Printing is actually very fascinating! =)
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