Mom N’ Pops Vs. The BIG Boys

Why would you want to use a small mom n’ pop shop instead of using one of the huge print houses? I’m glad you asked as there are several reasons.

First and foremost – you’re supporting a small business. Unless you’ve been asleep for the last million years, you know that small businesses (rather than big businesses) drive America’s economy. Small businesses provide jobs, a good tax base – in short small business is good for America.

Next, you’ll get true customer service. You want your brochures, letterhead, envelopes, and business cards all within 3 business days from proof approval? The small printer can do it – the big boys, well…maybe they have room in their schedule for you and maybe they don’t…

Cost factor: The smaller shop has smaller presses and our cost breakeven point is much less than the big guys. That doesn’t mean we can only handle small jobs – au contraire!! We can handle just about anything you can throw at us!

A smaller shop is more flexible in just about every category. We’re more cost effective, we’re more flexible to better meet your needs, our turnaround times tend to be much better and you have more paper choices for your project.

We also can offer paper choices you might not get otherwise. Sure, we have our house sheet where you’ll get your best price, but what if you want your letterhead printed on ivory linen and not standard 70# white matte? We can do that with next day delivery on just about any paper you want – don’t settle for the house sheet when you really want something else.

Need it REAL-L-L-L-L-Y fast? Guess what – we can usually get your order done on the same day – just don’t ask for the sun AND the stars. We’re good at delivering the moon – but if you ask for complicated finishing of your project that normally requires 3 day turnaround, you might not get that on the same day. Think the big boys will do that for you? Hmmmmm…..

Need something weird done and only need one or two? Yep, we can do that! We’ve produced show n’ tell projects for college students, many trade show displays for clients, mockup of a book for a presentation – even the old transparencies!! Do we charge for the service? Yep – you betcha! But at least you get it done and done right!

The small mom n’ pop print shops are worth taking a look at – we’re versatile, knowledgeable, helpful…well golly gee – add clean and thrifty and you’ll have a boy scout on your hands!!

Next time – why a conversation with your printer is worth your time!

Be safe!



About goodprinter

Co-Owner of Burklee Printing in Winston-Salem, NC. Printing is actually very fascinating! =)
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